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  1. my idea of online dating is that its both good and bad. like you could be very very happy with the (insert gender here) of your dreams. But it can also be misleading. whats yours?
  2. I like hanging out with Idiots they make me feel smart

  3. I wanna see what happens if you did that and the balloons pop
  4. I forgot how horrible my school is...

  5. i do the same. But one of my friends says that all bands that aren't on her ipod are crap and she only has about 10 different bands on her ipod
  6. I agree but to nearly beat homosexuality out of someone is I think wrong and some religons do more harm than good like the crusades and native american slaves
  7. Linkin park btw i went to them in concert,chemical vocation and bvb
  8. i like to sing to anything thats good and i like to play things like that too (i play gutair)
  9. haha and at your command to protect this
  10. ik that much i just wanted to know that there's other people that are in my situation and that someone else is in a school full of pricks
  11. I need some help on what to do. schools starting up for me again and now that i have earrings and colored hair everyone thinks I'm gay (witch is half right) but its besides the point what im trying to say is that everyone in my school acts like they're still 12 and its driving me nuts and once again they all have one track minds and when i try to talk about the subject eveyone thinks im gay then. im lucky theres one person who is also bi at my school
  12. i dont know why you would post that here. but i call bullshit
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