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    Hi, I'm Kari. I love cats (especially mine!) , Starbucks, Nutella, nailpolish, Vitamin Water, pizza, outer space, psychology, my iPhone 4, zebra print, shopping, lime green, hot pink, plaid, life theories,song lyrics, different dimensions, dreams,Pokemon.... and my lovely boyfriend, Lee. ♥
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  1. I crave to be normal. Or at least FEEL normal. I'm fine with who I am, but I feel if I had no anxiety at all and felt like a normal person inside instead of freaking out or overthinking about stuff.. it clouds my head and I can't get anywhere. So I guess in THAT way I'd like to be normal.
  2. Honestly, I don't like Christofer Drew's music at all.
  3. I actually love Call Me Maybe LOL
  4. OF ALL TIME, The Hell Song - Sum 41, Young & Hopeless - Good Charlotte or The Taste of Ink - The Used, Thank You For The Venom - My Chemical Romance, I'd Do Anything - Simple Plan, The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls, Sleepers - Saosin, First Date - Blink 182, Carousel - Blink 182 PAST YEAR (or 2) Hallucinations - Angels & Airwaves, Timing Just Isn't Your Thing - Red Car Wire, Skyway Avenue - We The Kings, Stella - All Time Low, Lovely - Breathe Carolina, All To Myself - Mariana's Trench, IDGAF - Blood On The Dancefloor, Diamonds Aren't Forever - BMTH, For Stevie Wonder's Eyes Onl
  5. Right Now (Na Na Na) and The Final Episode
  6. I generally don't enjoy instrumental songs. They bore me, but there's a few.. Most of the stuff that has no words that I listen to is honestly electronic music and I'm unsure if this counts. 4214 - California Lane Change. Intro - The Kick Off. Heart's All Gone (Interlude) - Blink 182.
  7. I used to love them, ahaha. Der Letzte Tag, Beichte, Spring Nicht and Ubers Ende Der Welt were my favorite. This is how I learned to speak German >.>
  8. City. I can't drive yet, so I don't want to be far from places I need to be. Country is beautiful, though.
  9. When my hair had purple in it, it was her idea >.> ahahaha
  10. Some people need to grow up.

  11. Some people need to grow up.

  12. And really needy people people who can't take no for an answer
  13. Bad table manners/bad manners in general (chewing with mouth open, talking with food in your mouth, burping) Rudeness, being interrupted, Unnecessary swearing/cursing Elitist attitudes, overly judgemental people SMOKING
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