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  1. frankie

    I need a song...

    you could do Iris- The Goo Goo Dolls
  2. converse. I don't like vans AT ALL O.o
  3. I can play piano but that's it
  4. She cut my hair and it looks terrible! it is nothing like what i told her to do, its' not uneven or messy its just WAY too short and idk what to do O.o she has cut my hair before but it has never been this bad....
  5. I hate when people are rude to me i just can't stand that. My one "friend" is rude to me at times and i just want to go off on her she also thinks she is so mature about things when she really isnt
  6. wow that's terrible that they did that to you! your dress was really pretty. Try not to let them get to you, or tell them off at least thats what i would do
  7. I love nsn my favorite song my them is trampoline
  8. i hate being bored so most of the time i just go online but then i get bored of that so im just screwed
  9. I usally wear black or a dark blue
  10. we can wear them as long as they aren't that breast cancer ones becuase they banned them
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