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    The Grand Line
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    Some of my interest are
    -hang out with frinds
    -blastin my music like black veil brides,skillet,falling in reverse ect.
    -play volleyball
    -writing stuff
    -watchin anime like death note, one piece, vampire knight, bleach, naruto ect.
    -drinkin monster
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  1. snakes and sharks because they r fascinating and awesome
  2. thats true and it can make u question what else is lie
  3. alone, forgotten, unwanted....

  4. alone, forgotten, unwanted is my new title

  5. alone, forgotten, unwanted is my new title

  6. "Remember i am human and im bound to sing this song. So hear my voice, remind u not to bleed. I am here..."

  7. i would just go grab my shotgun and my knifves
  8. life is an endless black hole sucking all the good things out of life:/

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