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0 'Who is this kid?'

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  • Birthday 10/20/1999

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    In the dark...
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    music (my life), alittle reading now because I listen to music more then reading but I Still read, cats, Foxes, animals etc. Violins, guitars, My boyfriend(very interesting ;) scissors,knives, demons, horror , comedy, action,fantasy, Fiction, romance movies. Quotes that remind me to stay strong(ignore my profile at the top I was an annoying kid)
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    United States
  1. It`s been kinda weird this week

  2. thats worse than mine,but im sorry you have to go though that
  3. ok,i have it also,i know it`s a gift but mine go to bad dreams sometimes
  4. I was just wondering for all you people who may have dreams about knowing whats gonna happen or you see ghost,shadows,orbs anything,this is important to me because i have the same problem~don`t be afriad to tell....
  5. I went on the chat....and it was awkward in there.....not the same anymore....im not going backo.o

  6. I never meant to be gone so long(breathe carolina xD)but im back and mature now at times....not always.....

  7. your drawing is AWSOME!!!!!,yours is better than mine
  8. thinkin of danceing in the rain seems fun

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. scarlletbluerose


      it`s pretty fun walking in the rain,last time it rained relly hard but i still stayed untill i was ready to leave

    3. Purple Witch

      Purple Witch

      yeah? awesome haha it was only raining lightly the other day... almost like snow but just really soft rain

    4. scarlletbluerose
  9. thinkin of drawing somethin

  10. scarlletbluerose


    animted and mostly emo drawings
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