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    Wishing I was in a world where everyone was accepted for who they are
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  1. Death Note is amazing. I also like Bleach, Pandora Hearts, Soul Eater, Gunslinger Girl, Angel Beats, xxxHolic and a lot of others.
  2. I'll just cross my fingers and hope the Doctor shows up
  3. Just gotta hate it when someone pushes you down a flight of stairs...

  4. This is just beautiful (well it's more than beautiful...I couldn't find the words to describe it)
  5. Thanks guys...most people say my writing is crap, but I'm glad you guys like it
  6. I've never been to a concert. I almost did when we went on a class trip and there was a concert near where we were staying. But I had a panic attack because of all the people.
  7. I love suspenders a little bit more than belts
  8. I'm not the one that was brutally killed in the late hours of last night. I'm not the one whose screams filled the alleys. I'm not that one. I'm not the one whose blood soaked the pavement beneath my ice cold corpse. I'm not that one. I'm not the one who never saw today's sun rise. But will I see tomorrow's?
  9. I have lots of Harry Potter dreams...and Lord of the Rings...and other stuff...
  10. The Beatles are awesome though! I don't like One Direction...or boy bands in general
  11. Yeah, I love internet shopping XD. I think that's what I'll do...I usually just ask for money anyways
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