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    NC (B**** lmao)
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    umm okay so I'm more of the artistic type (chick)

    -Art (drawing, painting etc.)
    -music (People I know say that I can sing but I don't really see it :P )

    I like gaming (i guess you could say I'm a game nerd :P haha)

    Skateboarding and BMX

    and yes i love video games.

    You know things like that (etc)
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  1. My Drawings :DD

    I love them! more talented then most. Including me :>
  2. Bullying ):

    Your more than welcome :> any time!
  3. Is anyone else sick of it?

    Your more than welcome :>
  4. Is anyone else sick of it?

    People will talk shit and think they are better than everyone. Its stupid I know. I have the problem. Just use the most beautiful smile you have and walk away. Your probably an AMAZING person. Its only a small portion of your life :> and then you can live with a huge STUFFED DINOSAUR NAMED REX AND YOU WILL LIVE FOREVER HAPPY!!!! so use that smile my little panda :> good luck
  5. Bullying ):

    Don 't listen to that shit. Use your beautiful smile EVERY DAY! Its not worth letting idiots get to you. Its like a broken pencil pointless. I know people say shit and it hurts but its just a portion of your life. Smile and think of what life will be after you leave that hell hole :> It will be amazing and you will have a HUGE STUFFED FISH! AND YOU WILL NAME HIM BUBBLES AND YOUR LIFE WILL BE FLIPPING AMAZING!!!!!! <3 SO STAY STRONG MY PENGUIN!!!! :>
  6. Marilyn Manson?

    love him and every different thing about him <3
  7. Why do people hate on emos?

    I'm not going to say "emo's" are hated but all people that are a different style in general. And its just beause we are different from other people. Thats how I have taken it anyways. o_O if they dont like them thay can cut their eyes out and not look at us.
  8. Do you have a friend who thinks youre a satanist?

    Random people on the street and in public.
  9. Proper weight for an emo?

    Why does there have to be a spacific weight for a...sorry for the label but "emo". Being a person that style isn't a bride. It does not have a weight limit.
  10. <3 MEEHH PIX

    just some stuff i wanted to post I guess idk
  11. Have you ever heard of Ed Sheeran?

    Yes I have herd of him. My friend is obsessed with him. He is an alright singer. But not someone that I would listen to unless my friend was.
  12. Mums n dads

    They hate it. Mostly my dad though. My mother just fallows what my dad thinks.
  13. Who's hotter? Andy Sixx or Dahvie Vanity?

    ANDY <3
  14. what is love for you <3

    the feeling i get when the person i love says my name and no matter what i get an instant smile
  15. Roses