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  1. there I stood he held my hand told me he wasn't leaving... told me to be strong ... that Im his true love... <3 I remember that day when he called me.. told me it is too late.. to change my mistakes.. to earse the past.. I felt my heart trembeling as i fell down i started shaking as the tears fell down... I thought it was over .. I wanted the pain to go away.. I wasn't able to fight no longer... It was me being a fool -__- a fool in love... </3 It's been so long since I've seen ur face since u held my hand and told me how beautiful I am how beutiful the world can be... But I just don't see it when ur not with me.. I just pary and wish in my heart that u'll come back I know I've let u down but it's not like that now.. this time I'll never let u go...
  2. I have cookies wanna share ^^ *_* T^T =w=

    1. StuckInMyDream


      lawl gimmie cookieezzz ;D

    2. noya228
    3. StuckInMyDream


      still didn't give a cookie xD

  3. Rawwrrr it all over

  4. uummm bullet bvb eyes set to kill bmth chelase smile
  5. noya228


    omg andy so cute !!
  6. i am utterly boored i hate the real wrold people are backstabing me |:

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