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  1. So now that you've finally graduated to sitting at the grown up table, you're surprised that your cohort remains immature? OK.
  2. For the sake of the man showing a misbegotten interest in spending the remainder of his waking years by your side, do him the favor of sharing your thoughts with him beforehand. I don't think anyone could engage in a lifelong commitment with someone that holds this level of benign indifference. Are you actually serious about feeling this way, or is this just you being emotive and overly depressive in an online forum? If after some brief self analysis you find your reasoning to resonate with the former, consider seeking professional help. I am serious about that.
  3. If you're with a guy that's trying to friendzone you, he's not really a guy.
  4. You're all too young to remember the old chatango days. Boy was it saucy.
  5. Gibbs money. Dam-o and I will do the rest.
  6. Well, I'm 24. Historically, I've been terrible for advice. Feels bad man. Just felt like poppin in because of the mention of nihilism.
  7. Zane.

    Is EP dead?

    Seems pretty dead. I am open to PM's and beer meetups though Zach
  8. Zane.


    Well, I can't say I'm a fan of the music - but I do like small cucumbers preserved in vinegar.
  9. I lived in NM for a while Off of Tramway and Montgomery
  10. Interesting thing. Persistent consumption of porn has been linked to drug-like negative reactions on the human, brain commensurate with substance abuse. Also degeneracy. Stay safe, kids. Be prudes.
  11. That is arguably, the dumbest shit I have ever heard on this site. Zach
  12. Oh shiggy. I can actually see a difference... and I damn near blind. Well done there. Well done.
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