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    Watching tv shows like Gotham, killing eve and too many more to write... I listen to various artists including Asking Alexandria, Bring me the horizon, Pierce the Veil and once again too many more to write...I used to play guitar and sing in a band but that was years ago (I’m gonna practise guitar again during this quarantine)...would say I like to hang with my friends but they all wrote me off a year ago due to my ex but hey ho
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  1. Yeah...in fact I used to use this site all the time in sixth form and I’ve had to delete so much stuff from my wall cause I couldn’t face coming back with all that crap for people to look at and judge me on (I am nothing like that anymore thank god)
  2. Vampire (I’m up all night as a human anyway)
  3. Hey I’m back...it’s been a LONG time since I was last on here but I’m happy to be back... hope I get to know some of you on here maybe even come across people I used to speak to?

  4. yay im so happy!!!

  5. dinky doo


    i had to i only had one pic of you so i got that one aswell
  6. thanx guys will be sure to look it up i just ran out of ideas
  7. i can play a few songs and i need new ideas, can anyone help me???
  8. yay i'm going on holiday and i get to take my guitar with me for once XD

  9. i will get the cookies i will just wait...
  10. i dont care if ppl judge me or hate me cause there are plenty of ppl that like me for who i am
  11. i dont need a relationship but it would be nice to have someone there for you when you need them
  12. i used to self harm but ive recently stopped and i have a plan to stop it for good so i would advise you stop too cause cutting only puts the pain on hold and when it returns it only gets worse
  13. i go and sit in my happy place near the canal and watch the fish swim up and down cause it looks beautiful under the moon light
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