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  1. No big deal. You just get to play the long game. If you have options. Get some options.
  2. oui... i see some conflicting things already as it seems this person is trying to connect DEPRESSION to Emo. i mean a huge percentage of emo's already do that anyway, they already think they can connect mental instabilities and anti social tendencies or a misfit/loner mindset to an AESTHETIC because a lot of young people are STUPID like that but still... the more people do this, the more the ignorance gets spread.
  3. -Bump- well yes i figured since Dahvie is relevant again i'd bump this. oh some of the replies here sure didn't age well.
  4. I just had the pleasure of revisiting Yahoo! Answers and…my mind has been so thoroughly blown. It’s like a giant middle/high school “study hall” (or whatever they call it these days) of tweens and teens flapping their gums on inane subjects. The only difference being that these teenagers are coming across as more mind-bogglingly stupid than I could ever have imagined (mostly due to text type). If these are the future leaders of earth, I think I’m done. Seriously, I’m getting a shovel and digging a hole to stick my arrogant head into and folding my metaphorical poker-hand because shit is u
  5. I’m not just speaking “hippy-like, mother earth, we’ve got to save nature” type thing; I mean, people straight up fuck with the concept of humanity. For example: “Hey, I know you’re a living, breathing, feeling person capable of love, with family and friends and fucking cats; but I don’t like the fact that, as a male, you put your penis inside other males. Now go burn in hell, you abomination!” Or, “I know there’s people starving who would swan dive, naked into a pool of rusty AIDs-razors just for a single pink-paste McDonald’s chicken nugget, buuuuut…I’m going to build a $130 million c
  6. hm... Inspiration is for the cats who can’t find solitude and acceptance without their muse lodged directly in their colon, blowing sweet-nothings up an empty ass. I write with fucking purpose. I don’t write with heart; I don’t write with feeling or emotion or love or despair. I write to get the fucking point across that nobody has to act like they live through astounding convictions, so that I may go one more day without murdering one of the hapless morons who pepper my day with their insipid inanity. I might be a humanist, but I don’t have to like the human. I’m not an angry person, I
  7. i hate co-dependency. i'm not knocking down the prospects of friendship. i'm just saying let it take an effort over time. don't be all... "i NEED ANY RANDOM PERSON TO BE MY FRIEND ON THE SPOT!" just chill, the right people will notice you and give you the time of day because you meet the standards, not because you promote yourself to being in need of friends and they'll rush in to social climb.
  8. if you truly care then shake this pathetic display of insecurity off. people that care don't drag their baggage around.
  9. Being the resident middle aged member, the adult, the most experienced person at just clicks away. i'm no stranger to getting inboxes cause the wee teenie boopers want insight on dating and relationships from "that B that be around the B for the D." (idk... this could be some kind of flattery remark and yet we are already divided by a strange language barrier. ) That does actually make me feel like a mixed bag of flattered but put off at the curiosity surrounding my sex life from back in the days of old...(it wasn't that long ago you guys!) On one hand i shouldn't mind teaching people
  10. My stepsister Meredith was assigned a participation role in her uncle's trophy hunting seminar. it was hosted by different members at-least twice a year. I luckily got the okay to wear my teal Saree to it. I had it for sometime since i was 14, but there was never an occasion i could wear it to. A traditional Indian garment just didn't seem to fit in with the high breed socialite scene. Finally i was pleased to wear it, not so much to dazzle but to distance myself from much of my stepfathers side of the family. These events never made me comfortable. People point, people whisper about the ado
  11. "I want pizza, Conner. Buy pizza. When we get to my place?" "Anchovies?" "No. Ew...." "Not the topping, the chain. It's called anchovies. They make the pies with five cheeses instead of just mozzerella. Like asiago, romano, parmesan..." "That really sounds good for a place that really screwed themselves on the name choice. It's like they want people to think they make kryptonite pizza." "Oh wait... sorry, anchovies is actually a place back in Or...Lan.... shit." "Damn it! Now i want it... what's the matter?" "Nothing. I almost fucking said Orlando without bot
  12. I lost the case again for custody of all 3 of my halfbrothers children. (he was falsely imprisoned by his ex wife. She moved another man into their home that HE owns since our father's my stepfathers death.) But Ashlynn got emancipated. So i'm pleased she's coming to live with me by choice. It was an emotionally and finacially draining struggle trying to reason with the courts that her constant running away wasn't because she was troubled. We're not fully out of the woods yet but now im laying low on the fight for my brother's children so i can recover my financial loses. Though also Tann
  13. 4 8 Skip 4, uno! "Why do girls take forever getting ready?" "I don't know... Draw two." How do you not know you're a girl... Jimmy, Connor and Nick all look at me and snicker behind their cards. "Well, i'm not a girl girl.. So... Shut up, yall known me for years now." This was Conners basement. The base of pot smoking indie music and board games. And on occasion we set up the madden football game down here. Nick was a friend as was jimmy but Jimmy was also conner's step cousin. The nephew of conner's step dad. Jimmy was here for vacation from Georgi
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