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  1. I'm not excited about being engaged.

    What ever the case is, there's no time to be looking behind me on a regular basis. I have custody of my nieces for the time again...(half brother is deployed, ex-sis in law can't stay off the cps radar) so for the most part I've been ignoring my fiance and the antics of these supposed friends. Maybe i should feel bad but i don't. I have to move us to a bigger home. Well I don't have to but i was ready to keep the kids last time. It never happened but a new bigger house could change everything. Aside from family, I don't really care if i see anyone one else again if i move away.
  2. I'm not excited about being engaged.

    I'm not bummed because i don't want to be with my fiance. I'm bummed because there's this change in my group of friends suddenly. I didn't expect this because they know how sexually liberated i was, they know i wasn't gonna settle in my 20's or ever even. They understood this and excepted this. they never batted an eyelash if they saw me with a different person at the bar or the sushi place. They don't tell me what to do, they don't question if i am being reckless, nothing. Now i am going to finally settle with this man and they have become very toxic about it. Up to doing very sneaky backhanded things. They text or call us up to see that we're in the same location together or not, they keep trying to have conversation with him about my past that he already very much knows about but they want to keep putting it over his head. i mentioned that i wanted to knit him a piece of shit looking scarf for the fun of it because i have a shitty scarf, and this one shows up one day and drops off matching store purchased scarfs for us so the effort i put into this scarf i didn't even give him was for nothing. He asked me recently about my thoughts on a vasectomy, i never even mentioned such a thing. He thinks it's something i talked with them about and they are just now popping the topic on him like it was part of our casual girl banter. Realistically i was texting at least 2 people to see who could pick up my birth control refill for me because i got held up doing inventory. When he had his lunch schedule at work changed.... "awwww and you didn't tell me?" (i know right? you don't wanna walk past the cafe where we lunch at the wrong time? you don't have shit to do?) When he's reading a book like he always did before we became exclusive.... "hey tell me all about that book that looks like an interesting book" (that's just another war hammer gaming manuals... you see him with these codex 1-4 times....) When he gave out candy on Halloween like any other fucking average person.... "oh my god you are just the best with kids! oh... it's not like Willow want's kids though right?" (that was very subtle, next time say it with i'm not within ear shot.) When i was making some cocoa. "He likes his with peanut butter chips not nutella right? I remembered!" ( i fucking remembered too that's why i had the peanut butter chips right fucking there...) I don't think i'm wrong to be a bit hostile about their sneaky, odd, passive aggressive behavior. They never acted like this before. Even when there was always exclusion of me, i was not really bothered cause it wasn't a thing of drama and backstabbing tendencies. It's like going backwards because now it's all immaturity and head games and we were so tame and civil when we were younger. Well not fully tame, we still drunk our asses off, smoked like it was wood stock, made bad judgments, made dumb choices, trusted the wrong people among other things. But we didn't resort to being petty to each other in the school girl fashion. It has been catching me off guard. They bother me now, maybe it's because i'm trying to really invest and care about someone now. I didn't care before, so i suppose they couldn't touch me when there was nothing I was emotionally invested in or even if they did i must not have noticed. I would remember if i did something to warrant these head games. i would remember if i crossed any lines or boundaries or broke any girl code. Maybe that's just marriage in general, people testing to take it away from you. I know that's what it is but i just didn't expect it to be people more bonded to me. I wasn't prepared for it to be them of all people.
  3. I'm not excited about being engaged.

    I never wanted to get engaged. I always said no. I said no 4 times between to 3 different men. I didn't want to settle. Everyone i know got married before or a little after they turned 21. i chased my career and and kept relationships on the back burner. I wasn't bitter, I wasn't jealous but yeah it irritated me. I get mad about it. Sometimes i was single, and sometimes i did have a relationship, a lot of the times maybe you could claim i toss it around. I know it's looked down on. I know these things but i just didn't care. i was young and just wanted to test the waters and have experiences first. My brain works completely different from everyone and i'm not a completely emotionally insecure creature in a rush to find her place in the world. It's a miracle i even got engaged, anyone who knows me personally could tell you. Why in the fuck did anyone even want to settle with me anyways? I know there's so many women out there ready to trap and control the lives of men but i didn't set a whole better standard either just cause i sleep with them after processing them and then not give a fuck about what they want to do with themselves after wards. it was all mostly unrealistic relationship standards such encounters as... well details are not important but my fiance was a dude that lived through these encounters with me and thought whoa, she's the one! i guess considering the circumstances nobody needs to be happy for us. I don't care. i think i decided a long time ago i wasn't going to care. i was always saying marriage was not going to happen. Not because i was invested in my job, hobbies, interest and ambitions but also cause there likely wasn't a man alive to tolerate my choices and that was fair, why should they? but someone did. Now it's permanently exclusive. What ever the relationship case was in the past, I simply wasn't married i wasn't attached legally so i wasn't in that wifey circle. I didn't get invited to thing's like dinner parties or play dates, baby yoga, double dates, I am the fucking Godmother of 3 kids out of convenience i suppose... and a few times they had me drop off baby shower gifts and then be on my way as they awkwardly played it like i was the one who was too busy to stay. It bites like hell just because when i try to be in a piece of that world for them they have to remind me that not my place. i don't have any business in that world. i wasn't married so that means i'm not family oriented or some contrived bullshit like that. I get engaged now and announce my engagement in a flat indifferent tone to be honest. (I honestly don't hype these kind of things up, i don't think it's warranted to bragging rights. It's not special, everyone gets fucking married eventually.) and i get reactions of snickering and "honey you're 30, that ship has sailed, your due to retire in two years even. who gets married in their 30's? Girl you wasted your prime. we stopped being like the sex in the city chicks ages ago and you're getting the memo now?" (theye where never like sex in the city they are like the stepford wives... way more cringy) Well... okay.... okay whatever i wasn't even that happy for myself, this isn't life changing to me cause i won't let it be, i don't need that tax break or an insurance update that badly anyways... I know I don't deserve this event anyways because I've been curbing my fiance on and off for 3 years so i'm just gonna be humble about it but you know the guy, you were always on his side, you always tried to be behind his effort to pursue me, you could at least be proud of him, this is his achievement. Well whatever, I didn't need you squealing like a beaten pig anyways but you don't have to be passive aggressive about it either. I pretended to be excited for you. I pretended to be excited for all 3 or 2 or future amounts of your engagements so fuck off. I don't even want a ceremony because it's me of all people. It's as if it's not a typical wedding if it's me. It's like it a celebration of me officially living and sleeping exclusively with one person but they know i'll still watch porn. And i don't care who knows it but i don't need a huge party set around it. That's another reason i just can't seem to care. No point in pretending for everyone else.
  4. Is anyone alive? :P

    My theories into what happened to everyone that went missing. 1. If they where always going around sobbing about killing themselves, they probably killed themselves. RIP 2. They said something stupid and redundant and when someone laid down some facts to them they got embarrassed and just never came back 3. They got caught faking a site models identity and just didn't bother to come back or maybe got banned 4. They are currently trying to start a horrible scremo band called Unicorn killed my girlfriend. 5. They followed Eugenia Cooney's emo cult and fell into an anorexic death 6. They hang out at google plus where they can role play as site model characters and get thumbs up and likes and compliments just for sharing photos of emo couples and my chemical romance lyrics. Because why not get attention and praise for shit you hardly took any personal effort into doing. 7. ONE person possibly got the emo dream of a lifetime and actually does work at the bullshit hot topic maybe has said nothing because the other emos will be jealous. 8. They get triggered when the topic of Donald Trump comes up on the internet 9. They hooked up with some pedophile somewhere down the road who is 27 and appeals to them cause he dresses all black too and is a total man child he likely lives off social security checks for some very vague mental illness. They stay off social media cause their friends couldn't appreciate the relationship or something. They're gonna settle till the fucker gets arrested or some shit cause they found that emo boyfriend they been hunting for since forever and you know how emo teens are, as long as it's an emo that's not fat all other standards, details and personality traits are irrelevant. 10. Emo is actually MAINSTREAM. it has been MAINSTREAM in the last 7 freaking years but they are now catching on that it was MAINSTREAM and CONFORMIST and they immediately had to transition into another subculture like, ethereal moon children, straigth edge or nu kei to ensure they are still rare special snowflakes. Cause no one is gonna give a fuck anymore that they keep popping up on social media repeating over and over. "I'm emo, i'm emo, this is just who i am, i'm emo, i'm an emo, I am declaring that i am an emo! this is my personality and identity. Emo! Emo 4-ever! You need know literally nothing else but the fact that i am an emo! acknowledge me as special! I'm emo!" 11.They are reading and creating fan-fiction where they are hooking up with Andy Biersack. Sometimes Andy is a Rapist Vampire in their universe sometimes he turns into Jeff the killer or whatever makes perpetual 12 year old's cream themselves. 12. They have no life skills cause all they did was listen to music, stalk fanbase forums watch anime and creepy pastas and need to find some work when they turn 18. So lots of lazy asshole coming into age get stationed into the military over seas. 13. Most of them fancy themselves as awkward... ahem i mean "mysterious" Gothic-like loners in the first place. Maybe they are finally doing it properly.Cause the "mysterious" ones always did have a habit of being in our faces about just how mysterious and vexing their lives are. 14. Maybe they grew the fuck up already and feel stupid for why they obsessed with being emo and trying to get everyone to respect emo and pick fights with people who stereotype emo's instead of being mad at the emos that perpetuate the stereotype. Sometimes it's time for people to stop wasting their damn lives. These are all possibilities, some more likely then others.
  5. Don't friend your ex.

    -Breaths- Okay Guys..... A woman has a close male friend..... This means that he is probably interested in her, which is why he hangs around so much. She sees him strictly as a friend. This always starts out with, you're a great guy, but I don't like you in that way. This is roughly the equivalent for the guy of going to a job interview and the company saying, You have a great resume, you have all the qualifications we are looking for, but we're not going to hire you. We will, however, use your resume as the basis for comparison for all other applicants. But, we're going to hire somebody who is far less qualified and is probably an alcoholic. And if he doesn't work out, we'll hire somebody else, but still not you. In fact, we will never hire you. But we will call you from time to time to complain about the person that we hired.... If this is the default you want. Go listen to Tara's pro-friendzone default that doesn't even apply to my altered deviation life hack.
  6. Don't friend your ex.

    Like i was saying.... Stuck in the FRIENDZONE. Forever friends and not much else. So i guess you addressed my point. Thank you.
  7. Don't friend your ex.

    Every so often we find these "OMG we're breaking up, what do i do? what do i do?! I'll die!" First breath, get your shit together, Cause I'll just put it out there for all that I recommend that you should NEVER friend an Ex. Don't do it, it's not healthy, it's not a legit alternative, it just makes things worse. Sad and creepy... Course when i leave this advice, it's always in the form of a response on someone else's thread so it's not like everyone see's it or notices it and before you know it someone else needed the same thing and missed me completely. Also i didn't really leave a good reason why in my mind it should go without saying, it's just logic, the reasons are so obvious they don't need explaining. So again it's one of those learning things on my part that my mind is NOT everyone else's mind. Common sense is not....common. The whole "just be friends and see how it goes from there" fuck that, don't do it, don't take the bait. Those people either do not know what they are talking about, have a false perspective of how things work. or are too optimistic cause they watch too much high school musical or Gilmore girls, or just have a tendency to show weakness in all situations of their lives. Whatever the reason, they are just setting you up for failure. Think the sneaky, sociopathic way. Be the table-turning bitch. Use the lateral prefrontal cortex. (the part of the brain that goes active when your are being deceptive. why do you think you have it? for that propose, because deception protects people.) If shitty things are just happening to you it's because you let them. Note: this advice is not for everyone. Also maybe it's too late for you to put it to work but if not, you can be prepared in the future cause life throws these kinda things cause she's a total bitch or just trying to do you a favor she's bipolar or some shit. Idfk. I don't like her all the time. Speaking of time, well time is another mother fucker, waits for no one, you're gonna roll on his schedule LIFE is HIS bitch. Okaaaaay, getting off track here... So you’re in this situation where you’re thinking, “my ex wants to be friends with me, but I really want them back, I just don’t know how to turn this situation around so that they’ll want me as a partner again.” Don't... just don't fucking do that when the moment starts to process, I’m gonna show you how to flip the script on this so that they may comes back to you. Firstly this situation is common after a break up in which ex was the one to end it. Friendship is the way of keeping you in the picture enough that they won’t suffer too much emotionally after ending it. The problems with accepting the offer of friendship are that A. it makes you look fucking desperate, and B. they also lose respect for you from seeing that you will accept scraps even though you wanted much more. They know that the high Dating Market Value (DMV) guy who they wants to lock down in a relationship, would never accept those terms: Ex: “I want to be just friends” You: “no thanks, good luck” See, it's just that fucking simple mates. Cut the puppet strings of failed friendship to come! Snip snip snip. Fuck you, you metaphor that explains how people become emotional crutches to drag around. That is how a high DMV guy reacts, therefore it’s how YOU should react. Then after that, do a NO CONTACT PERIOD and focus on literally anything else It can push up your DMV if you are to spend time away from them immediately after they offers friendship, because continuing to see them in that time will only push you further and further into the friend zone. A better situation is if you get there first in offering to be friends. It is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT if it is you offering the friendship! It does depend how you offer it though. Ex: “I can’t do this anymore, we are done” You: “Cool, let’s spend some time apart and then maybe I’ll let you be my friend” If you say that, you flip the chasing-dynamic script on them completely. Ex dumping you (so that’s their high DMV and yours lower), but then instead of breaking down and begging like a low DMV person would (giving ex confirmation that your DMV is lower than theirs), you instead seem totally cool with it and offer them scraps (friendship). That raises your DMV back up because only a Person with options (pre-selection) would do that. This is when you could have a situation where the ex starts backtracking on the decision and going from, “my ex wants to be friends” to “holy shit ex wants me back”. I had this backtracking situation happen to me, and although I didn’t offer to be friends, I seemed reasonably unaffected by his decision to end it, nodded my head to acknowledge that decision, and then I walked away without a word. As I walked away I could hear him backtracking on the decision and telling me to wait because he wasn’t sure, but I knew that at that point the attraction was low and that if I had turned around and gone back at that moment, I would’ve been making myself too easy (low DMV) and he would have changed his mind again. After that I ran my no contact period. Fuck you, i'm not a beta, i'll walk the fuck home. (don't actually walk 2 miles back home if it's you some day, i'm just saying...) So, if your ex girlfriend/boyfriend wants to be friends, calmly brush off the offer, and then run an effective no contact period after that Because seeing them when they are in a place emotionally where they wants to be friends with you, is just gonna push you further into that friend zone. You have to be very careful with the whole friendship thing. Fuck scarps. If you take them, ex could probably do better than your desperate, lowly, do-nothing self, getting dragged around forever, dropping everything to please them with no results. Turn it around on them.
  8. clem01

    Eat something while you contemplate why you're giving young girls a false perspective of beauty standards.
  9. Rebuilding EP

    This place being dead isn't the worst fucking thing. People grew up and moved on to better things. IT's OKAY NOT TO BE AN EMO FUCK WIT FOREVER AND EVER. Besides even if it was lively what would change? Same topics and themes all over the place like such topics as I want an emo relationship emo art, emo poem, emo hair emo, emo fashion, emo music i want to sit on jeff the killer's face emo issue's like "i'm so depressed and suicidal but i can still be bothered to spend hours on fluffing my hair, fixing my make up and make it absolutely mandatory that i wear only hot topic clothes but yet i still can't be bothered to sleep or eat properly because hello i'm suicidal and don't have energy and i don't care any more waaaghhh!." Such a diverse pattern! i wounder why anyone would ever get tired and leave?! yeah let's rebuild all that retarded shit again.....
  10. I'm getting tired of explaining why i hate you.

    oh this has happened to me, the moderator changed the photo <.<
  11. About tastebuds fort collins

    So basically what you are saying is sega originally stood for "Segregated Arcade" and was started by a black man, Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960s, however MLK was later assassinated during a brainstorming activity concerning a new blue hedgehog character by a Japanese Sniper on the balcony of a hotel, the Japs successfully framed a white man and took over Sega taking the profits for their own. Okay....
  12. Ah Advice?!?

    Get a hobby do something constructive because doing nothing is causing your brain to be deprived of it's happy chemicals.
  13. Song Suggestions?

    I don't know.... Circa survive, balance and composure? I don't expect non-bohemians to like it so idk.
  14. Such misconceptions about tube tying.

    I got my tubes tied at 27, I'm pushing 29 now. Why? Oh, I’m totally sexually insatiable and sleep with everyone. No I’m kidding, I had to say it for the conservatives that think birth control will make women more morally loose and whores. My sex drive hasn’t changed. The real unexpected side effect is I love children even more. I spent 3 hours on a plane playing I spy and charades with a 6 year old girl that had the cutest lisp. She pronounced her f’s like th’s so instead of saying forty she said thorty. So cute.... It’s not that I didn’t like children before I mean i have around 12 nieces and nephews. but now I can actually express that and interact with them without people being convinced that they are witnessing some miraculous change of heart. People will even go as far as to say “see you are good with kids, you’ll change your mind some day.” It makes you feel like you can’t play with their kid anymore. It’s this weird backward societal pressure to have kids by convincing you that you want them and it’s actually pushing you away from any involvement at all instead of just accepting that you are simply just enjoying what you’re doing at this time and don’t necessarily want to commit to it forever. This doesn’t happen when you pet someone else’s dog. Now people can say this all they want and I’ll tell them well I got my baby making parts removed on purpose But if I wanted to change my mind later I know of alternatives. It makes me feel very free, I can participate in something I enjoy guilt free and unhindered by other people’s opinions. I have never wanted to have kids, I think they are really cute and fun to play with but I have no desire to birth one on my own. I think a common misconception about women that don’t want kids is we hate kids. Playing with my nieces and nephews is one of my favorite things ever. I definitely don’t hate kids and am not apposed to adopting some day. My real issue is with having a baby, not kids. I don’t want to birth something that doesn’t come with instructions, has to be manually fed, it’s only form of communication is crying, has to be held 24/7. It’s just way to labor intensive. And what’s the reward with that phase? Eventually it will sleep and I will have relief? Eventually it will learn to smile and I will feel warm and fuzzy when it does? It just really doesn’t sound like a gratifying experience. In case anyone wondered, most of the after effects of getting my tubes tied have a lot to do with the hormonal changes of getting off birth control. I was on a daily pill for almost 2 years, I took the pill continuously so that I wouldn’t have a period so I haven’t had a period in a long time. Birth control affects everyone differently. One brand of pills gave me a blood clot and the IUD's are not my favorite either. It's just a relief to be done with the pill regimen.
  15. Being a 22 yo gay emo sucks

    It's just so obvious you are 22 years old. You can move out where the rules of the house and the opinions of the family won't even matter anymore.