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Introducing myself is quite difficult, for I am multi-faceted and never know where to begin. Likewise, I rarely tell a story chronologically or even logically. I leave a lot to the imagination and seek audience participation even when speaking of myself. I tend to speak in riddles and answer questions with questions, sometimes I even confuse myself... I enjoy open conversations that require thought on all ends, philosophy, theory and metaphor. I was once described by a close friend as "The girl that can tell you to go to hell in a handbasket, and you would look forward to the trip." I am still not sure what he meant by that. I leave it up to you to decide who I am to you... I can be just another passing soul or I can be the soul that touched you so deeply that you feel more alive. So take me as you like, I will respect your thoughts on any subject and never act negatively toward anyone without provocation. However, I will defend myself and loved ones if need be using any and all means available. I look forward to meeting all of you. And when we finally do, feel free to ask anything you like. Do not fear me and do not love me without reason.

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