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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dffOEDDUHo4
  2. I like the baby face. You should really stop picking on the poor guy. He's a noob but at-least he is humble about it.
  3. Horrible animation. And why is there pop culture references the youth of today isn't gonna understand and twitter culture at the same time? It doesn't even know what demographic it's trying to appeal to.
  4. This post was not born of good spirits. It should be no more fun to read than it is to write. There won’t be any uplifting messages. There are no lessons here. No hidden morals to be uncovered. It can’t be anything other than what it is. I just need to be rid of it. Like that damned spot, I need it . . . fucking . . . OUT! It’s been haunting me and I can’t deal. I suppose this is how the bulimic feels when she’s sticking her finger down her throat. Or stuffing her face full of laxatives. Fuck. I’m not writing this well. I’m disjointed. But I guess it’s fitting. Be
  5. Fucking sad... he was pretty cute too. He could have been somebody. Just goes to show that no matter how hardcore you are nothing tops the sadistic mentality of a religious nutcase. Rest in peace Jacob. www.metalinsider.net/in-memoriam/today-in-wtf-metalhead-killed-by-fundamentalist-christian
  6. Oh... I came here expecting something more devastating. -pats you on the head indifferently- There there... you can always get a kitten... Forever alone indeed... stupid kids over exaggerating that term all the time... -.-
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