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    Drawing, painting, designing tattoos, YouTube, tagging, smoking, reading, friend is trying to get me into skating but that's still iffy at the moment..
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  1. Dirty Little Secret- All American Rejects
  2. ~Flo~

    Random edit.

    That's amazing ^.^
  3. Bring me the horizon's Sempiternal & Pierce the Veil's Collide With The Sky <3
  4. I think dreads are actually really really amazing, but then again you have to have a certain face structure to pull them off. I wish i could but i can't, my face isn't made for dreads sadly >.
  5. Well i saw that a Long Island Nursing Home was getting sued because they had brought in male strippers to entertain the residents, and there was also that thing about how Yale is threatening to suspend a student for being 5'2 and weighing 90 pounds. I mean these aren't as messed up as that whole "meow meow" thing but yeah, still pretty odd.
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