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  1. A shame I've stopped using Discord 😔
  2. I'm still occasionally around, a decade later, seeing what's happening. Sadly, we all know what. Just made me realise I remember when this was started, when I was 14.
  3. 00jamez


    I end up finding it incredible seeing what my younger self as done xD Some moments though, I want not to look but can't stop myself.
  4. 00jamez

    I miss it...

    Posting to represent 2008 I should even still have MSN chat logs going back to the founding and prior.
  5. Believe it or not, if anyone remembers me, not me! Such a joyous occasion, so unbelievable yet true.
  6. Well I turned 18 in December, almost finished my 3 A Levels and will then hopefully be going to university in september. The only thing I can say is to make notes as concise as possible, be sure to look at past papers and answer the questions then go through with the mark scheme yourself, then keep doing it until you get it right. Did that to a biology paper, got an E in the first exam last year, did exactly that and got it up to a B, so yeah xD
  7. Never heard of this, doesn't look like it happens in the rest of the world...or at least the UK anyway. What's the history behind it?
  8. Oasis (some 90s britpop band, everyone in the UK knows them xD) supported by The Enemy, Kasabian, Free Peace and Twisted Wheel. Paul McCartney down in London on 22/12/09. Bullet for My Valentine supported by Bring Me The Horizon and Atreyu. Glamour of The Kill supported by Shadows Chasing Ghosts and some other band I didn't get the name of. Tomorrow (Monday 23/04), Lostprophets supported by Modestep. So, yeah xD
  9. Still listen to them on occasions, last time I listened to them was like, 2007 or 8, until the other day when I thought I'd play a song from itunes and I regret stopping listening to them xD
  10. Oh I've listened to them, not recently though. What is Love? though I like :3
  11. 00jamez

    First concert?

    Was Oasis in Manchester! Heaton Park, before they broke up of course xD Enjoyed seeing The Enemy and Kasabian supporting them.
  12. Recently had a new found love for BMTH. Thought they've been alright, saw them perform supporting another band, was great xD Diamonds Aren't Forever and definitely Chelsea Smile are one of my favourites :3 Oh, and It Was Written In Blood ;D
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