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  1. So here's a photo. Now go away you fucking asshole. Meaning you don't have to leave the puddle you just have to leave ME alone.
  2. If we took you and put you back into a decent societal expectation, like force you to wear chic clothes and fix your hair and made you have actual integrity instead of musical influence to drive your life i'm sure you wouldn't appreciate it.
  3. Wow... okay, you are fucking stupid. You are wasting your fucking life obsessing and asking people to listen to a band that has nothing to do with you, and then getting upset at their reactions or what ever fucking aspect of the band they enjoy. But your doing nothing with your life but going up to people telling them to listen to your favorite music, and then you come online and rant about the experience. Seriously what the fuck. You need a fucking hobby. Frankly this is too fucking sad to be real. I hope for you're sake it's fake. Faker then the pornsite ads that tell me a chick withi
  4. Re: entry 4 That crazy female tried to rape you. You should have gone to the authorities. What if she had an STD? Man you really dodged a bullet there.
  5. My speakers are dripping gold Sandra.
  6. Just ask yourself what you need. Do you want a relationship? Or do you just want to get your loins wet? If you just wanna get your rocks off it's less pressure and you don't have to be afraid of getting emotionally abused again.
  7. Finally, someone who gets it. Not talking bout that noble sacrifice stuff that is...
  8. Well shit, I go to college, I have a fucking job to secure my damn future and yet stupid bitches just want an unemployed faggot with a bad hair cut and eyeliner that wants to do screamo music about how nobody understands their dark pain and struggles as a "career."
  9. Okay thats not fair because not all alien babes are scary. I find starfire and the mutant babes from xmen to be very fap worthy! I would take my chances with the alien babes if they looked and had an identical anatomy to average human females. Maybe i fit the description of a xenophile I'm not sure... I'm just saying there has to be a difference between aliens that look like sexy humans and aliens that are creepy looking monsters with a dozen eyeballs and giant tapeworm looking toungues. Most of the cartoons I lust for are aliens or super humans with crazy abilities, non humans, Androids,
  10. Okay you officially made me uncomfortable....
  11. I'm relived for the baby. Not trying to be an asshole but had the baby survived I doubt she'd stand a chance at life either way. If this bitch didn't realize she was pregnant for six months and drank like a whale she'd probably forget to feed the baby or change the baby, or roll over ontop of the baby in a drunken mishap. Stupid bitch.
  12. *facepalms* So.... we have a dude that OPENLY gives pity to attention seekers. But tells people that are not seeking attention that they are and he will continue to argue that she is even though she's not. And then theres sarah... She writes about people not understanding her She writes that she hates herself She had a status that some one supposedly shot her... she writes that she has contemplated killing herself That her own life sucks ass.... she the does a surpriseing retarded twist that She is upset that amanda todd gets so much attention for dieing and dyi
  13. Delete the thread? Is this because of the photos? Are the photos that offensive to the EMO community? I was so sure emos are use to seeing this on a daily basis...
  14. What's your problem you fucker? She's Entertaining. Can all these other intellectual fuckers and grammer nazis just go away? Go away. We don''t need anymore Deidre's and Cinders. We have all the articulate people we need. You'll fuck up the ARTICULATE-DUMBASS ratio...
  15. Id say the CLASSIC star fire NOT to be confused with the retarded one from teen titans. Though I think the female villans are far sexier than the heros though. Like mystic, Poison Ivy, Cat woman, harley Quin, lady death strike...
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