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  1. KIk: Veronicank

  2. Girls love girls AND boys, and love, is not a choice.
  3. Wow...I feel lame....I'm in a purple sweater and cargo shorts....and uggs.... I'm totally NOT from Colorado right!? lmao.
  4. I'm tempted to cut my hair REAL short and wear wigs when going out or on shoots. My thoughts on your issue my dove is, look how YOU want to. My family HATES my wig, they HATE my tops and my hats, and my make up. Specially my redlistick. Buuuuut so? Unless they randomly decide to take off my wig in public, It stays on my head. Something I sugest is one time while you're getting ready for the day play some of your favorite music, and maybe change something small like how you part your hair, or straightening it or not. or how you wear the liner. Sometimes I put on green lashes because ...fk it. It is ALL about feeling bad ass in your own skin. And if you wanna change a little or a lot. my mind set is go big or go home. hence the length of this hair. lmao. You have to love your own skin. If you ever feel like you just can't get goin with it. Let me know. I'm happy to be your make over wing...woman....
  5. I don't have Tumblr but I do have Deviant Art lol.
  6. Wear a wig and all is okay.

    1. I_Am_An_Alien


      Wear a Fake moustache an a beard, and it'll all be ok lol

  7. .Dark.


    Watching note me if you need any help with anything.
  8. .Dark.


    I really really hope you can. whats your user and I'll "follow" you.
  9. .Dark.


    PFFFFT *boss face* I totally had a better explination. (jk! ..ttooootally jk)
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