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  1. Scribe

    I'm Bi and I don't give a shit what people think

    The fact you even made this post clearly shows you do care what people think. You just do it anyway, "like a rebel".
  2. Scribe

    I'm going more towards....

    You're comparing foods against a sexual orientation/confusion/questioning, either way typically people like or dislike one thing or another for given reasons, including lack of experience or information, or even attempts themselves.
  3. Scribe

    I'm going more towards....

    If I was "smacking down" on peoples sexuality, it would be quite forward and harsh. The lacking information part pertaining to actual experience with guys, which would give a more clear idea of what we're dealing with and why.
  4. Scribe

    I'm going more towards....

    It seems you knew directly after your post that you completely jumped on me without being able to think first. Alot of people don't like the truth or otherwise, so of course they're going to find it "insulting", welcome to the real world.
  5. Scribe

    Am I Gay?

    If you dated guys you aren't gay. You're probably Bi, but I'm guessing you just want someone, rather than knowing what its like to have what you need.
  6. Scribe

    I'm going more towards....

    So you made this thread just to say you're more this way. Not a care was given, I see you like attention. Though it's funny how you say women please each other better, lol. It's easy when you compare vs a "typical guy" or otherwise lacking any information.
  7. Scribe

    Hobbyist nerds with too much time on thier hands

    It's easy to claim anything is wrong with you when being online especially when disliked by the majority. You're usually one or the other, never "both".
  8. Scribe

    Breaking rules.

    Insults are universal, if someone aims/insults at someones sexuality; its nothing special in the first place that should make it "exempt from being insulted"; it makes you weaker if you have to be protected from EVERYTHING.
  9. And yet something being wrong with a brain can completely influence everything you do, say, and generally how you will act upon that malfunction.
  10. Scribe

    feelings deep inside...

    That's why there's no effort.
  11. Scribe

    Cutest Couple on EP

    I can top that.
  12. Scribe

    feelings deep inside...

    So you're a Jihadist then. Go back to your sand house and camel field.
  13. Scribe

    Cutest Couple on EP

    You know who I own now. Fix it.
  14. Scribe

    blamed for a death

    I don't believe the story either, snow. But you never know.