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Remix last won the day on May 30 2014

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43 'Looking pretty awesome.'

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  1. Hey, I don't think you'll remember me......

    It's Arron, We used to talk all the time.

    Anyway, I quit college a few years ago and I'm living in China, I had an urge to come back to this site today, for nostalgia.

    I saw your screen name and my mind was like, oh shit man you remember that girl.

    So i thought I'd message you to see if you wanted to catch up.

    Arron Lewis Stamp. an old British friend.

    1. Longtimenosee


      Just in case you do ever see this I'd better leave a means of contacting me.

      If you even remember me or whatever, though maybe I'll make a better effort you contact you.

      I'm pretty emotional today remembering a lot of things.

      Arron.betts is my skype though I'm now Arron stamp. Hope to hear from you.


  2. You're part of a machine. You are not a human being.

  3. Nope. Just Le Plume Drawing pens.
  4. Give me your best chibi drawings ^ ^
  5. This weirdo walking down the street with a bunny mask so I..
  6. Remix


    Nah. I still find the same posts/logs that I thought were funny or clever...funny and clever xD
  7. Kiss, kiss, fall in love!

  8. My ideal boyfriend? I don't have one. I always dare fate to surprise me.
  9. I play the violin and the piano, I was put in lessons when I was eight. My favorite song to play on the piano is Butterfly Dragon, and my favorite song to play on the violin is Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria. I'm working on Still Doll by Kanon Wakeshima on my violin, and A Day To Remember - Have faith in me on the piano.
  10. Music. If you can't trust in anyone, trust in sound.
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