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    Music,And Hating Life Until I Get Him Back Into My Life I Miss My True Love I Got Hurt Buh That Was A Good Hurt Cuz I Loved Him And I Handled It
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  1. What am I going to do without him

  2. So my ex recently got i think shot with an arrow because all of a sudden he is head over heels in love with me

    1. Emochik4life


      The secret though I like it

  3. Idk Buh Happy 4th Everyone!!!

  4. Graduation Day Holy Shit :D

  5. I Am Not Graduating Well Failure For Life FUCK ECON!

  6. wonder If She Ever Misses The Old Sleep Overs We Had? #Thinkning

  7. Im So Happy Her And I Are Getting Back To Normal Lol Missed Her So Much :)

  8. Emochik4life


    Dont Know Yet What Pics To Put In Here
  9. Im Just Watching Looking And These Two Guys Made Out And Had Sex Is It Weird I Want That Kind Of Passion They Share And It Kinda Made Meh Horny That Bad?

    1. assassin
    2. Stardust_Genius


      I don't know...kinda weird to see 2 guys deciding to poke each other in public.

    3. Emochik4life
  10. Emochik4life


    Youre Eyes Are Amazing :3
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