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  1. whenever I come on here I think about how long it's been.. found this site on accident in 2011 , this is my second account on here since I forgot the first. Man I miss everyone.

    1. Erebus


      I found the site about 3 years ago. Lots of the cool people are gone now, makes me sad.


    2. hexed vex

      hexed vex

      It's sad.. I lost contact with lots of people I met through here.. we all drifted apart.

    3. kutzzykelly17


      Idk wen the last time i logged in was but i remember you ((:


  2. finished my first semester of college.. that went very well.

  3. This place used to be my home away from home.. made so many friends here. But everyone slowly left one by one.. I've been here for maybe 4-5 years on various accounts...miss everyone
  4. my keyboard teacher let me out of class 20 minutes before it started (I'm always early) so that was cool

  5. start college soon ^.^ voice performance and piano.. agh

  6. its official... i am a college student majoring in voice performance and piano..now the hard part of my adventure begins

  7. I lost a bet with two of my friends and they got to dress me as a girl, makeup and everything. ..and I had to go out in public..although surprisingly no one knew and I got hit on by two guys O.o
  8. lol so I waa going through my pictures from my life..no pictures exist of me from 4 years old - 14 years old

  9. teacher told me I need to gain weight and gave me some tips.. anyone have tips on that.im 20 pounds less then the healthy weight for my height

  10. I have learned 3 arias, one in German, another in English and the last in French. ..these are for my college auditions. .nervous

  11. well...I got 2 performances this week and my throat is shot because a relative gave me the flu..

    1. the darkangle
    2. hexed vex

      hexed vex

      Yea it does..I got 2 on one day..

      so really its 3.. each is about 30 minutes long. .luckily the teachers always have backups.. but the pain im in -_-

    3. the darkangle

      the darkangle

      I hope you feel better soon.

  12. Since im rarely on, kik me hexed vex .Just say EP so i know

  13. remembering more of my life. . im up to like 5 years of my life

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