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  1. Pissed off... Why Idfk. Music=happiness to my ears. Hotguys<3 pandas(: cheese:3

  2. I love weird people... Cheese... Pandas.... Hotguys<3... And ummmmmmm yeah And tell me what's up<3 I'm Jaiden!
  3. I hate people. I hope they go die in a hole.

  4. music is life<3 and i like hottguys

  5. Werewolf! Werewolves are sexy❤
  6. I go for metal... What's everyone else think?
  7. In trapped in darkness Broken and heartless... I'm a big fucking mess I'm done doing my best. I fall and hit the floor I have nothing more Broken dreams Silent screams... Tears stream down my face I've lost my place.. So many mistakes... Happiness doesn't last My chances are in the past.. I'll lie here forever While you are together. Words fall music speaks I'm just so weak. I tryed holding on For so fucking long. But now I'm not strong. What once was my heart Is crushed and the pain is sharp. Shattered and blown away.. I'm not okay. The look in my eyes.. The tears I cry.. Hiding and running I'm not so stunning.. Broken and alone Lightness hasn't shown. Drowning in sorrows There's no tomorrow..
  8. Wow(: that's an amazing poem<3 I love it
  9. That's great<3 reading it again
  10. Why am I queit? Bc Im sad I've been through mostly bad... I walk with my head down I wear a frown... I try hiding this side... No longer filled with pride... I'm starting to fade Into darkness Broken and heartless.. I'm just a fucking mess.. No one knows what's wrong I've been trough this for so long I try to talk about it But I lose it... My throat clenched... Tears filling my eyes I start to cry... I don't want it to show I dont want you to know.. The pain is just to strong I can no longer hold on.. Fake smiles or none at all... I feel so fucking small... I run from my fears And worry about the things near.. It's harder to focus for a while As I try to put on a smile.. I have no ones shoulder to cry on All my happiness is gone. I cry and start feeling sick It feels like in my heart there's a sharp stick.. How long will this go on? I can't stay strong. I'm way to weak I dont want to speak.. I look in the mirror The tears coming nearer.. My eyes all red The sadness I dread.. The tears stream down my face As I lose my place.. Why am I crying? I feel like dieing. What's wrong with me Happiness is what I can't see.. I used to be happy and energetic Now I'm just pathetic... I used to be crazy and wound But then I start falling to the ground.. Depression I found.. Now I'm dark Stuck here with no heart... Quiet and alone No one to pull me home.. I'm so much different you see This isn't the real me.. Calling me names Bc I'm mean You haven't seen... You don't know I'm depressed I'm just a big mess... I try not to show No one can know... But the pain is pouring out I want to scream and shout This isn't what I'm all about. The pain inside The tears I cry... As I slowly die... You'd still never know... Why this side of me starts to show. Distractions only last so long Soon I'll be gone... I hold it in a day And cry when people go away... Fine one minute Gone the next I'm an emotional wreck Nothing but a mess... Why do we love the people that cause us pain.. It drives me insane... I'll do whatever it takes To be the mistake You can't live without... You know my name Not my story You know what I've done Not what I've been through. Happiness straight from the bottle When real life's to hard to swallow. You left me here Like a chalkoutline On the sidewalk Waitin for the rain To wash away... Loving the ones I Miss That made me feel like shit The way you made me feel The pain never heals You go through my mind All the time I hope you come back But in my heart there's a big long crack.. Al these dreams washed away Happiness doesn't stay... Tears stream down my face Ive lost my place Lieing here in darkness Broken and heartless Alone and lost.. My chance is in the past Nothing good ever lasts... Walking with my head down Music is the only sound... I'm not in the mood I'm covered in wounds.. I don't want to talk just go away I'm really not okay.. You see the look in my eyes The tears I cry.. Ask me what's wrong You'd never understand I'm stuck Sinking in this sand... Someone give me a hand and help me move.. Happiness is what I lose.. Falling and hitting the floor I have nothing more... Words fall music speaks... I'm way to weak... Someone help me back on my feet.. Bit by bit things start to fall apart What once is my heart is crushed And this pain is sharp.. Sometimes I don't even know what's wrong I've been hiding it in all along. Cry for no reason Alone through the seasons... I need help But no one hears my yelp... These crazy thoughts go through my mind.. Happiness is something I can't find. Words unsaid That familiar pound In my head There's no light I'm filled with fright... All these thoughts day and might I've lost the fight Done holding on Everything is gone...
  11. I remembered ur walk The way you talk The sound of your voice... But I'm not your choice... You look at me like you have something to say.. But then you just walk away. It's really annoying It pisses me off. All my happiness is lost. Fuck this fuck that Go to hell I'll do the same as well.. Dreams washed away There's nothing to say. Lying here in darkness Broken and heartless.
  12. Whos in a relationship? Shitty or amazing?
  13. Jade_broken_alone

    Hot emo guys

    I love emo guys. All pics from instagram.
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