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  1. Believe me I know I have sunk pretty low....But whatever I have done you deserved....I'm the bad guy that's fine. It's no fault of mine.....some justtice at last will be served. Now it is time to step up or it is time to back down...and there is only one answer for me...I will stand up and fight because I know that I'm right. I'm ready as I will ever be. I will make them hear me.

  2. Been away from here for a long time...its dead here. This place used to get me through a lot. 

  3. somebody wants you...somebody needs you...somebody dreams about you every single night....somebody can't breath...without you its lonely....somebody hopes that some day you will see...that somebody is me.

  4. yeah its plain to see.....that baby your beautiful...and there is nothing wrong with you....it's me...I'm a freak...

  5. Hello I have not been on in some time due to some personal issues but I am back now. :) And life has changed alot since i was here last.

    1. DestinyIsAMusicFreak


      Hello. Even though I have never talked to you before, I am really happy you are back. I hope everything is okay. :D

  6. Boy you got what you deserve....and now you want somebody..to kill they lonely nights. you wish you had somebody to come and make it right...but boy I ain't somebody. I'm out of sympathy. What goes around comes back around!

    1. xXlostinmyworldXx


      And... everybody must get stoned!

    2. Emowolf17
  7. I'm missing you and I wish you would come back through my door...what will it take to.make you come back...?

  8. I can't breath...I can't see...I can't feel...the only thing I feel is the pain of loosing you.

  9. I will no longer be coming on here....My relationship is now going through some really heavy stuff...and my bf wants me to stay away from here....my boyfriend means the world to me...and I need to do what's best for him and I...

    1. Erebus


      Dasvidaniya, comrade. Hope your time here was fun. Good luck!

  10. You don't know him like I do....you could never understand....you don't know what we have been through....yeah...that boy is.my best friend....there is no way your going to help me....he is the only one who can...

  11. I have no words to say except I'm done....

  12. I don't want you....I don't need you...I'll forget you...it doesn't matter.

  13. Thank you for making me worthless in your eyes....

  14. I got bad blood...i've done bad thing's...

  15. Finally I got to see my boyfriend again after a month and a half. <3

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