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  1. In middle of d night, i wake up hearing someone shriek.... after waking up, i realise i was d one shrieking.... where did u go? ;-(

  2. im melting !!! im mmmmmm XP

  3. there r many good moments... n its good to share, u feel better so tell urs
  4. summers r killing me!!! help!

  5. ummm sympathy as in understanding someones problem, feeling sorry for him or her, n also helping out
  6. LoNeLy


    awesome hair... love em
  7. I wana know about my last birth who was I? what have I done? I wud have been a great soul I really wana learn I wud have been god's favourite and an honest kind person I wud hav kept people smiling worked hard to earn that's why god loved me n now he's been pacified he gifted me his best creation u r here in my life <3<3<3
  8. Whenever u see the ring on ur fingers, remember that I belong to u Whenever you look at d watch, remember someone is waiting to meet u Whenever u feel alone, remember theres another soul around u whenever the silence disturbs u, listen carefully u will here two hearts beating cuz im leaving my heart and soul behind, in their home.... YOu I love u
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