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  1. i logged in just to say fuck off. let us rot in our graves in peace <3
  2. colly bb, devin townsend is not unknown. You guys should all listen to Household, and Pros/Cons, both are local hardcore bands from KC Missouri, and my friends. doing dope stuff.
  3. WasteOfMind


    if you are still living in the 90's what the hell are you doing on the internet. Go back out side like they used to do.
  4. aaaay Ur Mums Vagina is my favourite band. There was this other band called My Dick toured with them for quite a while.
  5. I've been thinking about getting a frenum piercing. Kinda broke right now tho. Perhaps later.
  6. You, my friend, are so stupid it hurts. Now thats out of the way, so lets move on to your horrendous psuedo knowledge concerning music. It may have escaped your attention that you were born in 96, so I would shut right the fuck up concerning remembering music from the 90s and how it was oh so different and no one wore eyeliner and screamed. How the hell would you even know that? Quit being such a lying faggot and stop trying to act like you are older that you are. That stated, you are completely misguided concerning what emo started out as. Is was not even a fucking scene, as you so eloquently put it, it was a genre of music. Actually it was less than a genre, it was the word was used to describe a genre. As for the bands you tout as being the pioneers of "emo", its painfully obvious you went to the wikipedia page on the word emo and pretty much copy pasted from there. You have a 2000 song library? Thats super impressive. Except it isnt. Iv'e got 10,000 + songs on my computer alone. Not just shit hardcore and metal, Ive got progressive bebop, compositions from the 1700's, jazz from the 50's, classic rock and roll, indie, folk, punk, avant garde black metal from fucking indonesia, obscure folk from sweden, singer songwriters from Joplin, folk metal from ukraine, shoegaze from japan, obscure classical rancheras from latin america, electronica, grime, ska, reggae, CCM, 90's hip hop, rap from the 2000's, pop from the past 5 decades. Hell Ive got more shit that I can remember. But Ive listened to every single song in my library. And It keeps growing. I dont even consider myself an uber fan of music, there are many whose libraries supersede my own. I would remain silent concerning your pathetic 2000 song play list and just keep quiet next time. Aside from perhaps one song by A Plea For Purging, I dont have a single record from any of your shit screamo metalcore bands you are so proud of listening to. Why am I ever writing this out? Damn I'm bored... I guess I'll finish off by saying you're a little shit lick for trying to be cool on some random forum. Oh and you should remove that rod from your ass, cus I totally just rammed it deep past your anus. JS
  7. if u dont wear eyeliner n listen 2 screamo n wear black u arent emo srry.
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