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  1. Dark Shadows We all know that we have a shadow. But, do we know why? Shadows are like a dark figure of us that fallows us everywhere we go. They only appear when there is light. Isn’t that weird? Because, if shadows were the dark figure of the being, it only shows when there is light. But, the truth is… Shadows are, our dark side of us… ~A xoxo (I hope this was a good one)
  2. I've dated both boys and girls. And now I'm saying and letting out what I need to. I know I'm a girl and I've dated girls but I don't care. I date boys as well and still don't care. I'm sick and tired of people who are against it! Love is love. thats my motto. And if your against it, than i feel very sorry for you and i hope you have a very nice day. Goodbye ~A xoxo
  3. Going to prom, can't wait :3

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