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  1. No Name


    Not getting into the arguments....If you need someone to talk to im here : )
  2. Everyone already said all of my favorite bands : ) but top favorite bands has to be PTV <3
  3. All time favorites ^-^ : Sword Art Online Death Note The Future Diary Attack On Titan
  4. I apoligize for my comment it was rude and I'm sorry
  5. I don't know why but I like being alone...I like it and I'm not depressed or anything I just like it I was just wondering if anyone else feel the same?
  6. Honestly I agree but if she "hates" you for being bi then she's not a true friend and you shouldn't try so hard to convince someone to except you again if they didn't accept u in the first place Hope I worded that right I'm guessing your trying to get her to accept you then again idk the situation but ill shush now c:
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