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  1. What you're saying is we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children? lmao :^)
  2. FRANk mucho gusto !?️number one especial !‼️

    1. Frank


      Yo sí, pero I don't get it. Is this still alive? xd

  3. oh wow i bet you're such a nerd with those completely prescription eye glasses that nobody gives a fuck about hehehe #nerd4lyfe #omgsorandom
  4. I would say this is the most useless thread by far but I would sadly be wrong.
  5. Diddles


    photo edit fail
  6. stOP. n0. There are enough threads about bvb.
  7. I don't care about gays getting wed. I miss mIKE >:c
  8. Ignorance is bliss and having a brain makes life miserable. Therefore laughing at the stupidity of others and getting a high from pissing people off makes things manageable.
  9. Diddles


    Yeah pretty much.
  10. these aren't even the same girl... -__-
  11. back away from my man
  12. 62% sure that wet fart had some chunks to it

  13. We need to talk about why your member title is "Scribe"
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