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  1. Lia <3

    Lonely :(

    Hahaha when you like Private message me
  2. Lia <3

    Lonely :(

    I'd be more than happy if you are not joking about it
  3. Lia <3

    Lonely :(

    im not i wish i had an emo boyfriend =(
  4. This guy is pure awesome :D Love you hun :) your always there for me

  5. There not as easy to talk to then the old members
  6. Nathan xD nice of you too return finally
  7. we all do i'll try to convince sam to come back...
  8. Yeah Cece i email sam still.... and i know but the old members were heaps fun
  9. i knew cece and Shawn were still around.... but where is monkeysam and amber.... and Shane where is all the old crew :/ i talk to sam his on every now and again but not permantly.
  10. Are any of the old members around???? if you are let me know.... its like i dont know anyone on here anymore
  11. Hiya :) What part of Aus you from ??? im in sydney and welcome :)

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    2. Jonii


      haha awh lamee >.<"

    3. Lia <3

      Lia <3

      i know lmao... so what you work?

    4. Jonii


      nahh not at the moment aye :/, its prettay lame but i got my family so i'm happy :)

  12. LAURA!!! <3 Miss you

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