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  1. This account is over 7 years old now. Whack.
  2. Posting to represent 2010.
  3. I still talk to the people who were here from 2010 to 2012. They have indeed moved on, as should everyone else still here.
  4. Quickly stopping by to thank those who messaged me, and to congratulate them on the steps they've taken. It has been very educational for me, and I'm glad to have helped.
  5. I'm happy you feel better, Ddraig. You're a good artist, by the way.
  6. 10/10, best possible response. Also, the female neck is biologically sensitive, a natural turn-on point so to speak. Answering the contextual question with an answer regarding your neck is essentially equal to a guy answering with blowjobs. (Although, there is a small percentage of woman who do not have this sensitivity, unlucky for them). #science.
  7. Clinical Psychologist. Specializing in Neuropsychology and Mental Health. Currently working in a Children & Teens hospital as a counsellor, as well as studying twin Psychology degrees at Uni, so I'm getting there.
  8. I prefer clinical psych over neuropsychology as well, but knowing the latter helps understand the former.
  9. As long as it isn't effecting you negatively, I'd say its a good thing. It's always a good thing to try and see different aspects to a certain entity. But always seeing the negative in things generally makes a person feel negative as well. If this is the case for you, then it would be a bad thing.
  10. Learning. Psychology. Human Behaviour. .... Making people smile.
  11. Just to add to this discussion, there's really only one "certain identifiable characteristics" that self-titled "emo's" possess - the desire to stand out without negative regard to self-image. The same goes for "Hipsters", "Punk-Rockers", really anyone in a cliche social group. Back to your hobby of finding the dark in light, I wouldn't call it pessimistic - Pessimists automatically see the negative in things. They don't actively hunt it out, or try to. Most of the time they can't help it. You, however, actively hunt it out, and thus while you aren't a pessimistic, you do indeed share qua
  12. I've put thought into changing my image, and I will be doing so soon. Although even I was surprised at the amount of people who have, and are continuing, to message said clown.
  13. Why yes. Yes I am. I suppose that's a problem if you have Coulrophobia (Fear of Clowns). But really, I do Special FX Make-up for some films and movies when I'm not working/studying.
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