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  1. It's been 3 years since I've been on here and probably 6since properly using it hello people 


  2. crona's_twin


    pics of me or pics of me and a mate :D
  3. i iether dream of complete random shit,or somthing that i wish would happen or i dream of somthing and it happenes later on in life its annoying cuz my dreams are realistic i have to think for a while did i dream that or did it actrually happen
  4. hows ma bestie?

    1. crona's_twin
    2. crona


      gutt aswell XD hope I see ya today!!!! :)

  5. im addicted to chocolate,music,tv,and lots of other stuff
  6. my friends make me smile seeing my mates from old skolls makes me smile music makes me smile nice food makes me happy walking to skool even tho it takes over an hour but i cant anymor writing and reading make me happy tv makes me happy when somthing funny/stupid happens makes me smile watching anime and reading manga makes me happy and when i get hurt i don't like enjoy it but sometimes it just make me laugh like when my mate punched me in the face or when i walked in2 a door i just couldn't help but laugh dunno y
  7. me and my bff love botdf i'm getting thier new album when its out on itunes XD
  8. fantastic baby-by bigbang and at the moment i like i refuse 2 sink by botdf
  9. my fav band is:bigbang fav song:fantastic baby
  10. when i was 6 i would cry every night wishing my parents would get back together after time i stopped crying every night but i still cried and wished 4 them 2 b together again. then i got over it but i still missed my dad so cried every now and then. then my mum moved me and the end of year 7. then she broke a promis that i cant 4give her 4 doing. so then i started crying nearly every night again! then she moved me just like wat a month or 2 ago so now i miss my other mates too :'(. life is just so hard cuz yesterday i started crying in scince cuz i was thinking bout my mates and every time i think of them my eyes start watering. :'(
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