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  1. i use to be on here back in 2013. Like, i use to stay up during the wee hours of the morning on the chat and going though the boards. time flies man Any other old timers still on here?
  2. Bye shitloads of band merch with about 100000 of it, get concert tickets for all my favorite bands with it. Get every single one of my favorite bands cd's. save some for it for colledge. And finally, bye a bouquet of flowers for Mitch lucker's grave :< Aaaand shove the rest in my pocket
  3. I have been a fan of this band for a while. as for genre, it's basically a mix of rock and 80's puck I guess. Which I odd that I like it since I often prefer scremo. I just wanna see if there's Any other fans of this band on here. (If your a hater, don't even bother commenting )
  4. *throws skittles* TASTE THE RAINBOW!
  5. My friends call me dahvie 'cause I'm short .-.
  6. I think males wearing lipstick I on the more gothic side .
  7. Well, sometimes I get random 5 second "vision" of random things. Like a clip of a kid's arm grabbing a pencil off the floor or someone tripping in The cafeteria. And a couple days later, the exact kid, in the exact place as my vision, picked up his pencil off the floor. In the exact same position I saw in my vision. Atleast that's my ability. Not sure if it's a gift or not 'cause I mean, I can't control it.
  8. If that was reality, we would all be violated by Russia.
  9. Black or deep purple. I also like gir green ( from invader zim)
  10. Not sure if I commented before :/ But mine would be World so cold - three days grace
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