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  1. xXskydogXx

    sad story

    What is one of the saddest stories that you know? I'll post mine when I get home.
  2. xXskydogXx


    XD nahh I was laughing while it was coming for me....
  3. xXskydogXx


    Who lives in Oklahoma....I need friends to hang out with, I'm lonely v.v
  4. xXskydogXx


    hey, where is everyone, like no one is ever on chat or tinychat......i used to get on here daily and it was all ways full of people but i didnt check for a week and everyone has like vanished....
  5. I was super pissed off when I wrote this. I apologize for my stupidity.
  6. Ok well I'm sorta pissed because of how many girls think their fat or ugly because some dick came up to her and told her that she's ugly as hell, when's she's gorgeous or that she needs to stop going to McDonald's because her stomach is huge , when it isn't! People who do that to other people aggervate me soo much....so to all you girls that have been told that your ugly and fat by some guy....its his opinion....your all gorgeous in your own little way....just had to get this off my mind .__.
  7. xXskydogXx

    pickup lines

    hello everyone, i was wanting to know what is a really good pickupline and a really bad pickup line. my really funny one is hey, i saw you from across the dance hall, i like your razor skis. xD but basically this topic is to pass time and see how stupid we can get.
  8. bored and want someone to talk to

    1. Tigger Str!pes

      Tigger Str!pes

      If you're up for it, I'd be glad to. :P

    2. SaveRockMixpop


      if u want im fine with it

    3. xXskydogXx


      I fell asleep xD but id like to talk to you guys it'll give me something to do......

  9. xXskydogXx


    Who typically hates school because of all the people there that judge you because of the way you look. I hate mine so much.
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