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  1. Your not alone ive seen many lesbians on this site
  2. To be loved by someone i can trust wont cheat on me
  3. 1 girl and 2 guys; so 3 although my last bf broke up with me for being bisexual at the time...even though that was over two years ago he makes my life hell at highschool now:/
  4. I want to change my name to Derdriue Burden:)
  5. Black with white demon wings on the back with that cut thingy all down my back
  6. As long as it hides me from the world im good
  7. Falling away from me and here to stay both by korn
  8. I love slayer and my dad knows the band personally and i am christian but the christians that are going to be doing this outside the funeral are fucked up in the head thats just wrong....jeff was a heavy metal god and one of my inspirations....rest in peace jeff hanneman i love you
  9. I have natural dirty blonde i get it highlighted alot because i want platinum hair with lavender streaks
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