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    Singing, hairdressing, photography and music <3
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  1. I cant choose!! Asking me to choose is a life and death situation! Dx feels like it anyways..
  2. My favourite pokemon are Gengar and Dratini <3 I saw pokemon on tv the other day and almost cried it's changed so mucch... I miss Ash, Brock and Misty haha
  3. Draw a graveyard as the background! ^.^
  4. That was my exact thought lol -__-
  5. I hate it when I'm watching anime and my cat decides to be a troll and jump on me face.
  6. I'm currently obsessed with One Piece and Soul Eater o.o but my favs are Inuyasha, Devil May Cry and Kuroshitsuji! ^.^
  7. If I had to choose, I would choose.... Andy.. No Johnny Depp... Maybeh?! Hardest question of my life! ;-;
  8. Perfect date would be at the amusement park! <3
  9. Break up with him, he doesn't deserve you.
  10. Please tell me I'm not the only one! ;-;
  11. I hate it when people bully others but think they're cool because of it! >.>
  12. I guess it depends on the males face o.O
  13. They're not my favourite but I really like the song 'Hear Me Now'
  14. I use to like BOTDF, favourite song was Bewitched but now I dont like them :/
  15. Asdfg!! Skillet is awesome, I can't find a song from them that I don't like D: favourite song from them is Comatose
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