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  1. You're the only thing valuable I found in this dump heap. Sadly you're only worth 25 cents. Tough luck.

  2. we can live like jack and sally muhaha

  3. your the fucking reason markus left. not me. i miss him so much and ....i want to tear your head off! oh markus hope all is okay love you...

  4. runaway wolf staying at my place. another wolf trying to tell me to forget my hero. a luck demon who has a crush on me. my hero is falling. i will save my hero. no matter what it takes.

  5. be quiet!! stop all the noise!! now!

  6. last night was crazy...

  7. can you hear my screams... it goes HELP!!

  8. im cold and its hot outside... i cant stop shivering...

  9. i wish i can relive yesterday

  10. i dont need you anymore.

  11. im coming unglued and im screwed :/

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