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    Hai. ~ I enjoy these things:
    1: Walking in forestry areas.
    2: Artistic stuff (drawing, painting, ect)
    3: Poetry.
    4: Music.
    5: Band concerts (who doesn't?)
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  1. Just some new stuff, 'cause the old stuff is getting boring. ~
  2. I've been a member for a while. Just came back today. It's so silent..
  3. just some crazy pictures of my fun, loving pets ^^ but their more than pets to me, their family <3
  4. uhmm. Draw a clown? o.o a creepy looking clown.. ( i love clowns )
  5. I thought i was weird o.o but it's not c: it's life c: Girls and guys both interest me (: my mum knows and agrees with it but my stepdad won't stop about trying to change me >.> so yeah ^^ and most of my friends know so yeah they don't mind it (:
  6. Im hoping to get my septum pierced soon but my mum is deathly afraid of me getting snakebites due to the fact she thinks they will ruin my teeth o.o which my teeth are already messed up >.>
  7. I prefer to be alone more than anything because i can actually breath and escape for a while. My mum thinks it's bad for me but she lets me have my space so yeah (: i like it though.
  8. Id either have a Kitsune a Wyvern or a Hippogriff c: Because a Kitsune has 3 tails and looks like a kitty. A Wyvern is like a tiny dragon :3 and a Hippogriff can fly for one and for two, it's adorable as heck c:
  9. Honestly, If you want to date someone, Go to public parks or something. I mean. Meet people outside of the internet, someone close so you can actually see them and talk to them. I feel like online dating is pointless. It's just my opinion. I don't go on sites like this to find a match, only friends c:
  10. I have serious anger issues I am shy and very timid(which is sorta like the same thing) I fall in love too quick which is why i try to stay single.. I get annoyed very easily i care too much about others and always put them first My depression has become a huge issue. yeah._. i have too many to say here, but here is some of them.
  11. I was born with teeth that look kinda like fangs. It hurts to bite your tongue. But i've been thinking about getting something that makes me look more like a vampite but doesnt hurt to bite my tongue.
  12. I despise him with a bloody passion o.o He gives me a huge headache v.v and i hate it. No offense to all his fans and stuff but seriously, they need to find someone else to like.
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