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  1. This anxiety is just controlling me nothing is helping.

  2. This anxiety is just controlling me nothing is helping.

  3. Agian I just want you back .

  4. undead_X

    Snapchat 8555560583086917106

    Thanks I got a new one since
  5. damn this website is dead !!!

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    2. undead_X
    3. xXlostinmyworldXx
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      Yeah seems like it. I just came back on here for the first time in months. Lol.

  6. this is killing me I know you need space but I can't help but miss you and want to talk

  7. i wish their was something to do to have you back

  8. undead_X


  9. I guess I'm just holding on . I still can't believe it . I miss him so much. I wish I was a better girlfriend.

  10. 18 , birthday tomorrow not a big deal . joys of being depressed on my birthday

  11. warning dont try running up skate ramps in the rain you might get wet. just like i am i got skills :P

  12. undead_X


    poor baby
  13. undead_X


    Rub some beauty on me .your beautiful
  14. tearing falling down dont give no answers seem you dont even know who you