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  1. Snapchat 8555560583086917106

    Thanks I got a new one since
  2. pet's

  3. Hospital

    poor baby
  4. O_O

    Rub some beauty on me .your beautiful
  5. taking tablets (medicine)

    I read the leaflet with my tablets . I hope it don't do what the other tablets did .
  6. taking tablets (medicine)

    Thanks none of them tablets listed I'm on I was on fluoxtine I think my new ones are spelled sertraline at 50mg
  7. I recently been put on 50mg tablets my others was only 20mg second worse to be treated with . but the dose is worrying me . does anyone else feel like this taking tablets eg:depression tablets
  8. Who would Care if i died

    You sound scary to me :/ yes I'm not the most sane person myself I get called insane but I never done none thing to harm anyone
  9. IMG 20150404 153030

    Thank you
  10. count to 100,000... if we can :P

    84 maybe we are
  11. IMG 20140329 094744

  12. IMG 20140405 105352

    Thank you
  13. IMG 20140421 141308

    Thank you