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  1. I would like to delete my attachments, there's nothing really interesting there.
  2. Alive, but not living...Lol
  3. Why not both? Though I'm fond of pyromancy myself. Say, there are two doors. One is tainted, but there's light in it. The other looks quite fancy, but it's dark in it. Would you rather go the fancy door or the tainted one?
  4. This site is as lovely as ever.

  5. I was browsing what emo actually meant (Cause I was usually called this way, yet, I never knew) and I magically found this with everything I was looking for.
  6. *sigh* Still those days I'm feeling like this.

  7. If I just remember those moments, I'll blow up on thoughts.
  8. Rraaaaaargh? (What the heck?)
  9. Maybe it's time for the dragon to depart
  10. Is it an mmorpg?
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