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Status Updates posted by Ddraig

  1. This site is as lovely as ever.

  2. *sigh* Still those days I'm feeling like this.

  3. It seems like old ruins here...I like it!

  4. Only 3 days to go...

  5. *sigh* been a little busy these days. AND, I'm also hyped for the new smash brothers! just 4 weeks to go...

  6. In a world where confusion is only an illusion And fear itself, is just another Weak-minded solution I live in a generation with too much information Instead of bonding together We bring anger to the nation My faith is the only thing I’ve got And no one can take that from me

    1. Ddraig


      By Thousand foot krutch

    2. Erebus


      Wow. thats actually a pretty deep thought. Me likey


  7. Everything seems always as usual, until that day comes out. The day that breaks the glass. But, does it matter? Everybody keeps onward when these days come...

  8. Geez, failing while drawing, I can't finish this one. Damn...

  9. Here I am again.

  10. After my birthday and nintendo's surprise character introduction, I feel better now! Who plays pokemon here? :D

  11. Ooooh Rino...how can I ever express myself to you...I'm probably crazy in my thoughts, realizing my birthday is this Sunday...fuck facebook and every stupid conflict I can't forget. How is the way of the sword? Is Rino never gonna come? It's just fantasy. Maybe I'm crazy as I said, I always let things pass like nothing, now I feel heartless. Every night I keep thinking of the same thing over and over... what have I become?

    1. Ddraig


      Help me open my mind once more.

  12. Hello folks! The dragon of EP is back! No, I'm not gonna steal from other castles. Instead, a sketch book and a pencil are fine to me lol.

  13. My brother pretends my experiences...dont know what to say about that.

  14. *sigh* I'm in pain... imaginations which will never be true, family problems, inner feelings I never revealed... I need someone to talk to...

  15. I won 2nd place at a Smash bros. project M tournament. I'm such a dragon knight

  16. Giving humanities to the Fair Lady.

  17. Now I'm closed in my pitch-black room (windows closed, door too, and no lights turned on) why you ask? Because I think I enjoy night better than day.

  18. Nothing new...except that I wish for something to happen at my mirror.

    1. Ddraig


      11:10pm... nothing happened

    2. Crankor


      maybe you didnt say the magic words?

    3. Ddraig


      it wasn't like any type of magic mirror, just something more unique...

  19. agree if you like it.
  20. Well...things happens alright

  21. Horror doesn't seem to scare me

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ddraig


      Have to find out

    3. Stilldeciding


      let me know when you do its good to have stuff to black mail people with :3

    4. Ddraig
  22. Hmm...(staring a wall)

  23. I feel like... I dont know

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