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  1. Alive, but not living...Lol
  2. This site is as lovely as ever.

  3. I was browsing what emo actually meant (Cause I was usually called this way, yet, I never knew) and I magically found this with everything I was looking for.
  4. *sigh* Still those days I'm feeling like this.

  5. If I just remember those moments, I'll blow up on thoughts.
  6. Maybe it's time for the dragon to depart
  7. You're absolutely right, maybe if I want to relieve the good days in here, I'm the one who can do it.
  8. Ddraig


    Don't worry. It'll be fine sooner or later.
  9. It seems like old ruins here...I like it!

  10. Only 3 days to go...

  11. Thanks, both of you. Maybe I'll get back to it and upload some of my drawings.
  12. I used deviant art, but then, I didn't know what to do there. I don't like drawing in the computer but I do like drawing in my sketch book. What I mean by this, is that I wish to upload my sketch book drawings, but I don't know how. If there is something possible, please tell me.
  13. *sigh* been a little busy these days. AND, I'm also hyped for the new smash brothers! just 4 weeks to go...

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