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  1. I'm a proud woman and I think I am straight. Really not that sure about my sexuality so I'd rather not label that too much ?
  2. Omg thank you. Just be nice to each other here right
  3. professor_snape

    wolf tail

    Lol my 2015 comment was rude af but yours just doesn't even make sense. I don't use Photoshop on my pics, and didn't call you a whore either. You too, have a good day You look good though. Can't even remember that I wrote that shit
  4. Woohoo! More Dutchies! I would just buy it for €50,- because special hoodies are never cheap. Or you could try it at Primark?
  5. Very creative that you though of all that by yourself, while I can't even speak English properly hahaah<3
  6. <3 I like it. Did you write it by yourself, or is it a song or something? xxx you know who I am
  7. professor_snape

    wolf tail

    Is it necessary for you to display yourself half-naked to feel comfortable or better about yourself?
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