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    The Birthday Massacre, Caravan Palace, American McGee's Alice, and Alice Madness Returns, blood, stabbing things, and a assortment of other hobbies
    Im just your local Hematomaniac

    Im also a pretty big Computer geek. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
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    Mad Moxxi (Youre probably better off searching for Some_sort_of_what if you wanna find me)


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  1. Erebus

    I miss it...

    Very active, and chat was abundant and alot of us had a pretty good time We had our fare share of spammers and trolls, but those were dealt with I forgot though when EP started decaying
  2. Erebus

    I miss it...

    I remember you Anyway, most of the old members either went over to SoEmo, another community, or just dropped off the face of the internet I also miss the activity here, now its like someone with a barely beating heart on the edge of death
  3. Somehow something tells me ive seen this one before
  4. Erebus

    We Are Emo

    Uhh. Im not sure if this poem is supposed to be a stereotypical depiction of the Emo Subculture or something else. Anyway, Welcome to Emopuddle, seeing as you just registered today.
  5. Ive played the trombone for about 4 years now I also own a Bassoon and a bass guitar that I don't use.
  6. 1. The Birthday Massacre 2. Caravan Palace 3. Blaqk Audio 4. Elysion 5. Deadmau5 6. Muse 7. Kongos 8. Daft Punk 9. The Black Angels And thats all I can think of
  7. Erebus

    Being emo?

    Damn, Evil, you nailed it pretty good.
  8. Welcome to EP
  9. Thats it, another layer to the legend. I AM NOTHING BUT A HUMAN ONION

    1. Apathy182


      But, you can't be a human onion unless it's your mission to make people cry

    2. xXlostinmyworldXx


      I'm a self-peeling onion and I'm just getting to the good part.

  10. Wow. This is pretty deep I like this
  11. I also take tablets 1 300 Mg Seroquel (Anti-psychotic) 2 10.5 Mg Haloperidol (Anti-psychotic) 2 1.5 Mg Benzatropine (Required because I have Tremors) 1 Propranolol (Beta Blocker) 2 90 mg Cymbalta (Anti-depressant) And thats about it Theyre pretty expensive though, which is why I dont like taking them. Plus they make it hard for me to write on paper
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