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PsychoZombieKid last won the day on October 1 2013

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10 'Not too shabby.'

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    I'm art orientated, I love music, drawing, painting and everything in between. I love zombies, turtles and cats ^.^ I'm extroverted online, but otherwise very shy haha >\\\\<
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  1. This is fucking bullshit! Theres fucking 16 students waiting out front school, its fucking raining and we're being kept half an hour because the gate is fucking locked. Man, fuck the system!

  2. And the rain will kill us all, so throw yourself against the wall

    1. suchacoolnamebro


      And no-one else can see, the preservation of the martyr in me

    2. assassin



  3. Do you believe the lies you've been fed, or accept a reality that you can't see?

    1. UnmotivatedDragon


      You search within yourself to break free of the lies you've been fed, and search for the truth of it all, and then blind you will not be :3

  4. Hm... war sounds like fun. Nothing better then a self destructive gorgeous nightmare xD

  5. Puppets should learn when to walk away

  6. BOTDF are over glorified. If I'm in a scene/cyber mood I'll listen but otherwise they do kinda suck.
  7. Marilyn Manson is a massive role model for me. When he's not stupid and off his face he's a brilliant man surprisingly relatable.
  8. Last Kiss - Pearl Jam and Broken - Seether ft Amy Lee I'm a sucker for tragedy and Broken used to mean something special so...
  9. Tough question. Probably ETF/FIR and if I got to hang out with any member, I don't know what I'd do. I'd fangasm and probably just squeel.
  10. I wanna say society but honestly, puns. Puns make me cringe. They're terrible yet perfect.
  11. Watching as your two ex's befriend on another is terrifying, especially when they hated each other... This cannot be good -.-

    1. UnmotivatedDragon


      Oh my god, what? What's this all about? O.o

    2. PsychoZombieKid


      Two of my ex's who once hated each other are now really close...

    3. UnmotivatedDragon


      Oh damn... That'd be awkward as...

  12. Finding out that Syn Gates is #6 best guitarist makes me happy

  13. Thats sweet <3 years of practice
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