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  1. Ok so I accidently shaved a bald spot in the back of my head trying to get it shorter, so I think I'm just going to shave the whole back and sides off and go for that hiter youth look.
  2. sexuality is not related to emo.
  3. I've been looking at pictures of emo hair for guys and the sides and back are usually pretty long. I was thinking of shaving the sides and back but leaving the top and fringe part of my hair alone. Would that look ok? Yes? No?
  4. lol I accidentally stayed logged on here...glad no one else uses my computer

  5. go through with it if you really want it. I might get a piercing someday.
  6. I've been dying for a chance to talk to you again, just one time has made me interested. When will I get that chance?
  7. The biggest regret I have is not doing what makes me happy when I was your age. Now as I'm older, I'm trying to make up for it, although I suspect that some things can't be changed due to not standing up to my parents when I was younger. You seem very wise for your age, I admire that.
  8. I like this depressing poem! My favorite line is "Like the blackest ink on the whitest canvas". That's a cool metaphor for your tainted soul! ( I assume it is, anyways) You should post more if you want to.
  9. You can always use Skype to talk to him.
  10. new here, hopefully I'll be welcome here and there will be many good times to come!

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      It depends on how awesome you are

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