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    I have Kik, AIM, ICQ and Yahoo. Ask me.
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    Emo bands, post-hardcore music, Nirvana, Emo style, piercings & tattoos, going barefoot, animals, browsing the web, Videos, Wikipedia, food, travel, coffee, helping people, love, caring, world affairs, culture, reading, movies, art, history, science, gaming, shopping, cuddling, kissing and playing footsie with guys, the environment & more.
    My ICQ is 48156999. Say you're from EP so I'll know.
    I have Kik but you'll have to ask me.
    --------------------------About Me----------------------------
    I am out of school. I was badly hurt in a motorcycle wreck
    and I am not able to walk far or do much. I am alone. One of my parents is dead, the other took off. I live alone in a place that a friend provided for me when I was homeless. I'm doing OK but I don't get around much, so I don't get to meet people often. That causes me to be very lonely and depressed. I like to find friends online to chat with. I love everything about Emo, the style, the music and especially the people. I like the classic Emo bands mainly but some of the newer ones too. I got started on alt/indie music when I first heard Nirvana (after Kurt was gone unfortunately). That led me to discovering Emo bands, and I was hooked. I am a very shy person. I have a fear of approaching people (including online) because I have been hurt in the past by people who were supposed to be my friends. But I like people who know what it means to be real friends (no games in other words).

    Music: Fall Out Boy, Silverstein, Green Day, Texas Is The Reason, Senses Fail, Jimmy Eat World, Pierce The Veil, Escape The Fate, Sunny Day Real Estate, Taking Back Sunday, Matchbook Romance, Dashboard Confessional, The Used, Panic! At The Disco, Weezer, Jawbreaker, Rites of Spring, Nirvana, Falling In Reverse, Paramore, We Came As Romans, Poison the Well, Braid, Boys Like Girls, Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance.
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