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  1. My new account BATMAN_LOVER101

  2. on the second week of christmas my teachers gave to me 5 all-nighters 4 hours of crying 3 mental breakdowns 2 thoughts of dropout and one month of anxiety

  3. tomorrow i am going to fuckin beat a 6th graders fuckin ass cause i dont care if im in 8th i will beat a fuckin 6th grader then it will teach them not to mess with my little brother anymore i just want to punch something right now


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    2. vampiragirl
    3. Destini


      because im sick of all the people at my school

    4. CrimsonSpade57


      Then why give them what they want? Move past what they say and do, and prove your better than them. Then when your in your thirtys you'll run into them, and they'll be the ones serveing you, and you can laugh at how pathetic they are. Thats what I did, and I'm reaping the rewards allready and I'm 18.

  5. Destini

    09052012354 002

    not the little ducky
  6. who wants to video chat

  7. i hate school sooooo much

  8. i wish i could just fuckin die

    1. xXlostinmyworldXx


      I'm sorry you feel that way. I hope life gets better for you.

    2. EmoPerson
  9. Broken Dreams Drowning in darkness of deep despair. Believing the lies i hear and seeing truths not there. See the ray of sunlight they shine upon your scars. Reaching for that broken smile among the hidden stars. Hearing the teardrops falling from your eyes. Believe my hidden secrets and tell my stolen lies. Bring me to the surface give me air to breath. Let me see the sorrow upon my broken dreams.
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