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  1. Probably the best band to cry to ever. 5 stars when I'm alone in my room haha But his voice is not the kind I could recommend to just anyone, just because not everyone understands lyrics like that..
  2. ^ meh I kind of think age matters, true make up makes everyone look better, but just imagine if a 10 year old refused to go out without their makeup on? as far as wearing the eye liner though, if you look in the mirror and feel good then wear it. If the people who don't like it make you feel too self conscious, then don't wear it.
  3. my sleep schedule is officially ruined =_=

    1. hi-c


      mine has been ruined for the pass 3 months:P

  4. Hmmm I don't know if this will help but maybe edit the poem to be a little more emotionally level if you watch a good dramatic movie you'll find that *most* of the scenes don't involve actors bawling their eyes out because its more emotionally impacting for the audience when they hold back their tears a little. Cause its more real. Genuine art is more powerful. Maybe you could apply that logic to your poem Your punctuation needs to be taken down a notch. And it needs to be uhh grammatical. This "..!" is just not working for you, neither is "....?". Also the ellipses are being over used f
  5. Well you can classify "emo" anyway you want. I wouldn't say many people I know irl who dress alternatively and/or listen to the emo genre are very "dark" personality wise, or at least they aren't darker than any one else. Honestly (and I don't like to generalize but this is just what I've found personally) most alternative people I know irl try to look on the bright side of stuff and be generally kind human beings, maybe because they were left out themselves/hurt by others and don't want to be the same as the people who put them down? The whole "emo is a music genre"/ "emo is a lifestyle"/ "
  6. ^^ PocketSizedEmoVampire.... I celebrate your *ahem* choice of photos
  7. I'm kind of late, but in case other guys want a girls/makeup enthusiast's (I work the counter at Sephora) ***Note: just MY opinion. I support people wearing whatever makes them feel good, this is my taste in guys coming out: Eyeliner. Yes. Please. If I had one wish it would be that guys wearing eye liner was a hundred times more popular. Play around with it. Watch a tutorial. But if you wear it, wear it confidently. That honestly the only makeup that I LOVE on a guy. The rest either goes unnoticed or is a bit of a turn off for me personally.
  8. the world would be a better place if we all shared our skittles.... I'M obviously not going to do it but if everyone else would that'd be nice

    1. LCGM


      You do all the evil you can before you learn to shun it? Is it not enough to know the evil to shun it? If not, we should be sincere enough to admit that we love evil too well to give it up. :P


    2. colormegone


      OMG Yoda! Is that you!!!

  9. Trust me I'm not a virgin for lack of offers I guess I should clarify that I don't try to fight the system with my appearance, because I don't feel a need to. I can't say I'm big into shoes or whatever but I don't bind my boobs down or anything...
  10. Johnny Depp is like... my idol don't even get me started haha
  11. I'll go first: I was born in New Jersey two minutes before my twin brother was born. I have a sister as well who's three years older than me. By the time I was one I was diagnosed with epilepsy like my older sister and like her had to take medication for most of my life. What my family didn't say and couldn't say is why 2/3 of their kids had seizures, it was due to shaken baby syndrome. But as far as the doctors knew a hell of a lot of babies fell down the stairs in that house. My brother was lucky he never seemed to display any of the known effects really. But then I guess we're all lucky w
  12. In real life I'm overly private. Online I get it all off my chest you could say. I don't lie, I just let things go unsaid really I don't want to dump my baggage on people who will feel obligated to help me I guess.
  13. Fucking eargasmed during "You Knew Better" ...do with that as you will
  14. @Leeiam .... I don't know who this is more awkward for. I hope your laughing too though?
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