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    eating sushi, pizza, cinnamon buns/rolls, there's more but i remember it when im about to eat it...
    watching south park, family guy, robot chicken, and anything funny and or dark comedy
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  1. jEdw4rdl


    Yes I love them. Sorry for replying really late I took a break from coming to the forum for a long while. Thursday is one of my top favourite bands. "I am the killer" is probably my favourite song by them.
  2. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nSCxTaKypaQHere's the link :3
  3. Has anyone seen the movie, "Suicide Room" or "Sala Samobojcow" ? What are your thoughts on it?
  4. Seen it and love it <3 I loove Olaf X3 soo cute
  5. I skateboard too but never got high. When I do skate, I do it alone and not with any friends. In my school though there are maany skaters who do get high. In the usual park I go to, almost everyone goes to this area to get stoned.
  6. Your favourite band. Choose 3 of your favourite members. You're gonna fuck one, marry one, kill one. Go!!
  7. Fuck. Yes. Skating for like 6 - 8 years now. Judging on how long I've been skating, I suck dick at learning new tricks but I love doing it.
  8. if I could, I'd change like 87% of how my life is lol.. many times not including now, I get quite sad cause my friend from last year (my huge crush) never speaks to me anymore. We used to talk all the time but now its like I no longer existed in her life. This year I've become even more antisocial and get lonely almost all the time. If there's a million things for me to change to feel like the happiest person in the world, I'll change them.
  9. To know how to feel happy like I used to
  10. Weell unlike other girls, their style stands out more. To me, emo/scene girls can be more attractive because different hair colours and piercings are what I find attractive. Their style is more expressive and what's awesome about having an emo gf can be their sexy taste in music :3
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