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  1. Sorry i left D': i kicked my glass over by accident and coke went everywhere , had to clean it up D':

  2. Proof that yeswaitno is an imposter.

  3. sorry i left chat , was getting my laptop back x(

  4. Would kiss, marry, have sex, make babies with
  5. The things I miss in chat when I'm asleep kek

  6. The things I miss in chat when I'm asleep kek

  7. Man, stop going into gym fights underleveled and have the right pokemon for each gym leader
  8. Well since everybody's being rude without a reason today, time to get off for a bit.

  9. I'm used to uniforms and don't see them as a big deal. Of course, the last time I wore a uniform in school was way back in 2006 aha. Did have to wear an army uniform for 2 years I was in, I only had to wear the office style uniform which was convenient to change out of when leaving unlike the typical uniform which most don't bother changing out of due to the hassle.
  10. Hard dealing with someone who one moment is all over you, then the next ignores you like you never existed.

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